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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Sangam Krishak Uttpadak Swayatt Sahkarita is founded on a Mission which seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by providing rural and agricultural people with improved quality of living sense, newly designed model of rural development and business prospects with agricultural based Products manufacturing, sales, marketing, insurance and services. Recognizing the basic need to approach the issue of planned development and growth across the Various Organic and Agricultural Products, Producer believe that the key element of this transformation is change - a change from within and without. We symbolize strength, solidity, dedication and integrity.

Values that our company stands for and values that are highly appreciated by our clients and business associates. We follow environmentally conscious methods in all our projects and ensure that the ecological balance is not disturbed.The Promoters and the managing body are engaged in their respective business Real- estate, Aqua-farming, Agricultural activity, Floriculture activity, Animal husbandry. Consumer goods and service based industries, export and import business are yet to come over the next few years.

Our Vision

As stated earlier, farming is the most important economic activity in the country. The growth potential in this sector is immense in view of the changing food consumption habits, which demands better quality and variety. In order to meet this market led need, new approaches are being developed in agriculture sector including projects in the farm to table chain. Successes in such endeavor require innovations and partnerships. Under these circumstance Entrepreneurs and the farm sector need to work in consort so that their needs are met in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

The vision of the Sangam Krishak Uttpadak Swayatt Sahkarita is to facilitate this process by aggressively promoting agri-business projects through its Project Development Facility and Venture Capital Assistance schemes, establishing forward and backward linkages with farmers, providing assured market to their produce thereby generating rural employment and enhancing farmer's income. This is seen as a new chapter in the history of agriculture where farmers/producers groups yield not only more foods but more products, jobs and higher income in the rural areas.


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